On Building: An Interview with John Cline

This post concludes (for now) my four-part series on home equipment. I actually decided to record this interview rather than conduct it via email. John and I have so many great conversations, and I often wish I could record every one, so I always have the memories of the interesting or funny things someone said.

I recorded this interview with the Voice Notes app on my iPad while I was visiting John in London, where he’s working for the month of May. It’s not my preferred setup, but it was nice to just capture a slice of what our morning coffee chats are like. Ultimately, I decided to post the audio of this interview, because I think people will get the most from listening to John talk. It runs just over 40 minutes; feel free to pause and come back to it as needed. I’ve also provided a transcript. I hope you enjoy!

Given the length of the interview, I’ve opted to post the transcript as a PDF rather than make a giant page.

I hope you got some insights from this interview. If you have any questions for John or me, mention them in the comments!

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